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    Our Philosophy

    Modern times are very busy. With raising prices and expectations, work, school or social obligations, the weeks can fly by in an instant. Vita Vivens was created to remind ourselves of the precious time we have, so we don't forget we only have one life to live. Vita Vivens is Latin for living life. We chose this name because we think it's important not to live life on auto pilot too much. When you're actually living life, you create memories. And we'll tell you why that's important.


    Holiday Paradox

    Why we think it's important to live a memorable life might be best explained by the holiday paradox. Remember a holiday when you had to travel a very long way by plane or car to reach your destination? Sitting and waiting for hours untill the fun could begin, it felt like an eternity. But when you arrived and all the fun stuff began, it all went by so fast. We even have an expression for it: ''time flies when you're having fun''. But now comes the Holiday Paradox. When you look back at the holiday however, you can barely remember the long and dull waiting at the airport or in the car. But of the holiday itself you've made a thousand memories. Something that feels slow will be rememberd fast, and something that feels fast will be remembered as something long. So to live as long as possible, it's not about how many years you're here, but about how many memories you get to experience.


    Our Philosophy

    We believe theres only one life to live, and we should strive to live it as best we can. Create as many memorable moments as possible, so when old age suddenly arrives, you can look back at a life well lived. You won't remember the days you were on autopilot, so be sure to spend as many moments as you can, living life. Vita Vivens.


    Fresh perspectives

    Time, life or aging are interesting concepts, filled with paradoxes and illusions. We highly recommend to watch the video's below, made by famous creator Vsauce. It offers a fresh perspective on time itself, how it changes when we grow up, and how it's connected to how we live our life.